2012 Cider Apple Variety Trial

Initial research on hard cider apple varieties in Michigan began under the oversight of Nikki Rothwell at the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Station. This work entitled ‘Hard Cider Varieties Suitable for Northern Michigan’ describes a six-year study evaluating 35 traditional cider varieties for production traits such as yield, vigor, harvest season, fruit firmness, brix, flavor, and starch. All the trees were grown on traditional vigorous rootstocks and evaluated from 4 to 10 years old. Although the study was limited by the biennial bearing nature of most of the varieties, a considerable amount of data was generated in which to aid prospective growers of these varieties. The pages to the right highlight a list of recommended varieties for Northern Michigan and their respective traits which were documented. There is also a page of varieties that were included in this project that performed below recommendation standards and thus are suggested to be avoided by Northern Michigan Growers.

The results were released in a presentation at the 2012 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, Farmer Market Expo in Grand Rapids, MI, link to the presentation can be found below.


 2012 GLFVFM Expo Presentation

Hard Cider Varieties Suitable for Northern Michigan