MSU Cider Apple Trait Database

Welcome to the MSU Cider Apple Trait Database. Its goal is to provide an Internet-based, user-friendly index that will allow anyone (producers, growers, and academia) to submit and review information on cider apple varieties. Just click on the below headers of cider apple classifications to access links to individual "cultivar profile" pages.

Cultivars are assigned to a classification based on our experimental results and could deviate from anecdotal or historical classifications. The classification of any cultivar in this database is subject to change as more data is acquired from our seasonal evaluations. In addition, some cultivars underwent evaluation using feral trees that were cultivated in an "organic" management scheme in a high scab pressure orchard.

Cultivar names with a "*" following the name are included in the Great Lakes Cider Apple Collection.

At the bottom of the page is a submission form for any grower, cider maker, or enthusiast to submit comments, descriptions, and ratings for cider apple varieties. The goal of this is to aggregate user-sourced information to complement our observations.

This information was obtained during the 2018 and 2019 growing seasons.