• History
    Bred by R.L. Wodarz, most likely a cross between cv. 'Dolgo' and 'Redflesh'. The name 'Cranberry' is fitting as it has a similar sweet and tart flavor reminiscent of cranberry fruit.
  • Production and Cider Traits
    Fruit Yield (tons/acre) 20.8 ± 1.9
    Juice Yield (gallons/acre) 3,635
    Fruit Diameter (cm) 4.2 ± 0.30
    Fruit Mass (g) 51 ± 9.0
    Antioxidant Content (mg/mL) 0.63
    Attractable Acidity (g/L) 0.112
    Disease Resistance Moderate Resistant
    Vigor Moderate Vigor (evaluated on Nic® 29 rootstock)


    Flavor/aroma - cranberry, strawberry, brambleberries, fruity, acidic, medium mouthfeel, and tannic finish. 

  • Example Photos


     Cranberry in bushel boxes

    2016 harvest 'Cranberry' apples note the small size of the fruit.

    cranberry cider

    2016 batch of 'Cranberry' cider in a 1:4 ratio of red-juice with culinary/dessert apples. 

  • Awards


    Gold (New World Heritage - Dry)

    2016 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition

    1:4 blend of Cranberry with Red Delicious, Empire, and Idared.